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Brookfield, CT

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Made From Scratch


Our story begins as any good story does, with family.

After emigrating from Italy, our parents decided to

lay roots in Brookfield, CT.

We loved growing up in Brookfield - originally known as the

Parish of Newbury, but some of our favorite childhood memories are of visiting family each summer in Italy.

Those unforgettable summers were filled with frequent trips out for gelato where we fell in love with the authentic Italian

flavors like nocciola (hazelnut), stracciatella (chocolate chip)

and pistacchio - each with its own irresistable, rich, silky texture.

Now we wish to pay tribute to our hometown by sharing

this love with you, our friends and neighbors.

Established August 2020

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More flavors

than you can  imagine!




Newbury Gelato takes pride in using only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients.  We use New England Dairy products and our base is all natural and made from scratch, something you can't find locally.  With owner, Bruno Tropeano's "let the rhythm move me" attitude, he takes inspiration for their unique flavor creations from different desserts he has sampled in restaurants along the way.  Some of the classic flavors, like hazelnut, remind him of times eating gelato back in Italy.  So look for the ever-developing new flavors like Banana Rum Cake and others as they give you a taste of Italy right here in Brookfield, CT.

Wide Variety of Menu Offerings

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Great for Home

Gatherings & Special Occasions

Take home a pint or 2 or 3 or MORE!

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